Bulldawg Rods

Why Bulldawg Rods?

Bulldawg rods are made from the finest rodbuilding materials currently available. All rods are constructed from Japanese Toray graphite fiber. Toray fiber is a unidirectional nano-fiber that has an extremely high strength to weight ratio. That means we can build an ultra powerful rod which is still extremely light

Carbon prepreg is expensive stuff. A 50m roll can cost thousands of dollars, and we consume kilometers of it each month. The resin, a modified epoxy system, does not cure at room temperature, but needs heat to make it solidify. This means the prepreg will not cure at room temperature and can be refrigerated to keep for very long periods.

Carbon fibre alone, is a black floss like material, very vulnerable to abrasion and damage. It is only by combining it with a resin system that we get a composite that is useful as an engineering material. So when we talk loosely about carbon fibre fishing rods we normally mean carbon fibre and epoxy composite.

Guides are Fuji on our higher end series musky rods, American Tackle on our Bass Rods and custom tTech on our Carp rods. Reel seats are Fuji on musky rods and custom tTech on our bass and carp rods! Handles are made of the finest corks or foams currently available.

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